Saturday, January 3, 2009

Day 3 - And The Answer Is . . .

Day 3.

What is the question you might ask? How many days could I write in this blog that is just for me without mentioning my daughter?

Three days?! That is pretty ridiculous. I mean I have an entire separate blog where I post about all things mommy and daughter. She is the star of the show there. This blog is all about me, my life, my art, my stuff.

So why would I mention her here? Well it has everything to do with today's post. You see Bunny wanted to bust out the water colors yesterday and paint away. I love watching her paint - way, way too much water on the brush, the brush stabbed repeatedly into the colors until they are mere puddles of liquid. She is only 3(almost) but she has a good sense of color. Its a fun experience.

When she paints, I paint too. Usually I'll just make stuff that I will cut up later and use in collages. I'd rather make my own decorative paper than buy it because I'm cheap like that (plus I control the output). So I got out a few sheets of my old letterhead from work and we went to town.

But then I started thinking what if I painted the background of a piece rather than using my papers? It would be the same effect but different. Instead of having marbled papers glued onto the piece, I would paint the marbled effect myself. Hmm, this is interesting. I liked it.

And as always is the case when there is a toddler with a paintbrush, she has to help out. I had a green-blue background that I was envisioning doing something floral on later. Well Bunny came over to look with her big paintbrush dripping with purple paint and a big drop fell on it. Hmm, interesting. So I played with her addition and came up with something cool.

I'm not sure what, exactly, I'll do with these backgrounds but I think they turned out pretty good.

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