Saturday, January 17, 2009

Day 17 - Madhattter

I made a hat to replace the hat from Melissahappystuff that I lost. Perhaps I should say to wear instead of the hat, because nothing can replace that hat. It was wonderful.

But I am all about instant gratification. I wanted a new hat. I needed a new hat. After all it was still -25 windchill so a hat was a complete necessity. So I decided to make myself a hat which I knew I could complete in a few days.

I found a cloche pattern. I bought some yummy pink yarn. And I went to town. Once I get started on a new project like this, I can't stop until I'm finished. So I kept on crocheting the hat, ignoring the other projects I had lying around.

I finally finished late last night. I think it looks pretty good. Not as good as the original but its pretty and warm. I think it stil needs some flair to make it perfect.

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