Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Day 14 - Drawing

Lately I've been sketching to practice my drawing skills. I've never been happy with what I draw. It looks like something but never exactly like what I want it to look like. It was ok though because I never had to show anyone what I've drawn.

Until now. That's the great and horrible thing about this blog. I have to record my efforts. I have to show the internets what I have done.

But because of the certain anonimity of the blog I don't feel so bad about showing my work. I am sitting in my house and you are where ever you are. I can't hear what you think. I can't hear it if you laugh and say my 5 year old could draw that. You are free to comment whatever you would like but the anticipation of the comment is not enough to scare me off.

So here it is, a page from my sketch book. A simple drawing of a girl and flowers. It is what it is, my creation, my practice, my attempts at getting better. It is mine.

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