Thursday, January 1, 2009

Day 1 - Every Day I Write This Blog

Well that's the plan at least, to write in this blog every day for 1 year. 365 days of crafting and blogging.

I was thinking about the things that you do every day. The list is pretty small: eat, sleep, use the bathroom. And I've pulled all nighters during college and law school so there have been years where I didn't sleep every day. I'm also sure there have been days I've skipped eating too (the flu or some ill advised diet thing). So the only thing I'm sure I've done every day is use the bathroom. And that is a biological need.

But this blog and my resolution to craft every day is not a necessity. It is a choice. A choice that I have made to move beyond my comfort zone. Its a little bit scary but exciting at the same time.

So here is day one of my experiment. It is an Artist Trading Card created using paper from an old book on nature. The section details the parts of a flower so I have chosen to draw a flower over it using watercolor pencils. There are also a bead, button and hand stitching added as accents.

Over all I'm pretty pleased with my first try.


  1. I wish you the best of luck in your venture - it is a big task to take on but I think it will be one that will take you somewhere you would have never imagined. I love the ATC by the way - you should check out the ACT group on - they are always having themed trades going on if you are interested.

  2. By doing something every day, you'll be keeping yourself in a creative frame of mind. That must increase inspiration and I'm thinking that you'll soon have more ideas than time to attempt them. This will be so fun to follow!