Thursday, January 22, 2009

Day 22 - Out of Focus

There are so many more things I would like to add to my shop but I have a focus issue. Every time I try and take pictures of my jewelry, they always end up blurry, and blurry doesn't sell.

I spent about three hours yesterday taking pictures of jewelry. I tried different aprroaches, close up, far away, trying to get the focus right. But it didn't quite work out.

The pictures would all look fine on my camera. I would zoom in and out on the photo to make sure it looked fine and it did. But when I got it downloaded on the computer and into my editing software, the edges were blurry. You couldn't tell if there were any special details to the piece, it just looked fuzzy.

I know that the majority of this is due to my camera. I have a point and shoot that serves me well in most instances but not when it comes to photographing my jewelry. I want a new camera. And if I'm serious about making a go of this, I need a new camera.

But part of me can't bring myself to get one. And its not just due to price. You see I am emotionally attached to my camera. There is a story behind how I got the camera, a story that is so tied to who I am. My husband and I were in China to adopt our daughter and the day before we were supposed to see her for the first time, our camera broke. What could have been a complete distaster was saved by our guide who helped us buy our camera just a few hours before we met Bunny.

How can I move on? This camera was there for the most important day of my life. Its a part of me. But it is also holding me back. I make beautiful jewelry that I would love to show the world, but my camera won't let me.

So here I sit with a pile of jewelry that just doesn't photograph well. I keep on trying, thinking maybe if I try this or that it will work. But it doesn't. I know that I need to bite the bullet and get a new camera. Someday . . .

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