Sunday, January 25, 2009

Day 25 - Sometimes Its Best to Lend a Hand.

My creative endeavors on Saturday were not typical. I was not the creative chef, rather I was the creative sous chef.

The creative efforts on this day were all of a three year old nature. I helped peel the backing off of glitter stickers as Bunny made a sticker picture for her cousin's birthday party. Our efforts were rewarded as the picture now hangs front and center on their refrigerator (it had to be removed from the birthday girl's grip as her mother feared she would try and eat the stickers. But its okay she's only 1).

I also was able to wield a mean glitter glue pen as our family created a New Year's card at Bunny's Chinese class New Year party. This is a special honor bestowed on me by my daughter who loves all things glittery and gluey.

As she directed my efforts through out the day, I felt as fulfilled as I would have had I created a masterpiece.

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