Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Day 49 - Wednesdays Are For Sharing

I've decided to share my favorite things with you on Wednesdays. Its a nice little break between posts about baby sweaters, jewelry and ATCs.

I am obsessed with planners and journals. I am constantly buying small little books with blank pages, hoping that these little treasures will help me on my quest to get organized. They never do, but I still cannot stop buying them.

I currently carry the native herbs journal by Jill Bliss. I absolutely adore her work and this journal is beautiful. Each page has little flowers that look like the user had doodled them herself while deciding what to write. It makes me happy to write in. It doesn't make me organized, but it makes me happy.

Every year I always pick up a date book/ planner that I can keep in my purse. I am really bad at writing things down and I never remember to check the planner anyway. But again I always buy them. I used to get them for free when I worked in an office, some vendor or client would hand out these utilitarian, pre-printed pieces of junk. They worked but they were ugly. One year I bought this lovely bright green leather planner. I stopped writing in it around February but I still carried it in my purse and would occasionally pull it out to look at it.

I didn't get one this year. I don't really have all that much going on. The standard wall calendar at home can handle the play dates and library story times just fine. But I still look for just the right book, when I'm at the book store, on Etsy, or any where for that matter. Because maybe just maybe the next book will be the one to get me organized.

So imagine my delight when I was surfing new blogs and came across these beauties from Implexus. They are everything I could possibly want, planner, journal, sketch book. They even have places to store my ATCs and other art work. They are beautiful and handmade. And they are refillable and expandable. I couldn't ask for anything more. So of course I had to buy one.

Note - no pictures of the sweater today because I completely over-estimated my ability to get things done yesterday. I worked on the sleeve I started the day before and its still not done. Too much other cr*p to do.

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