Thursday, February 5, 2009

Day 35 and 36 - It Was Bound To Happen

Sometimes life is filled with the best intentions. I intend to do something but life gets in the way. That happened yesterday. I intended to blog last night but I fell asleep at 8:00. I felt just like a little kid but it was something I needed. I needed sleep more than I needed to blog so I don't feel that guilty.

But life did not get in the way of crafting. In fact I've been very productive. I managed to finish (well almost finish) my entry for the Anti-Valentines challenge at Dabbled. I say almost finished because I seem to have misplaced my hole punch so I can't turn it into a pendant yesterday (so I guess life did get in the way a bit).

Edited to add: I found the hole punch and this is what the finished piece looks like. I think its pretty cool.

The pendant is going to have two sides. The first is for when you are happy and in love. It shows a red heart with the words love, joy, happiness and bliss. The second side is for when you "have fallen out of love". I has a breaking heart with a black core and the words pain, anger, heartbreak and betrayal. You can wear which ever side depending on your mood.

I also started a new project yesterday (shocking) that I am finding very fun. I hope to show some pics tomorrow.

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