Monday, June 27, 2011

Shaking off the Dust

Often times a well loved treasure gets lost. It falls between the cracks, behind something and gets hidden from view. It sits there, forgotten, collecting dust.

There may come a time when the treasure is rediscovered. Perhaps you are searching for something else and stumble across it. You may sit down in the midst of the dust and cobweb to remember. Once the years and neglect have been wiped away, you realize how much this treasure meant to you at one time. Memories come flooding back. You can feel the person you were the last time you held it.

Maybe the sight of it, the feel or the smell will inspire you to bring the treasure back to life, proudly displaying it once more. The dreams it once held are sparked anew. The past now holds the key to your future.

Lost and forgotten no more, endless possibilities await in the future.

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