Monday, July 8, 2013

High Tea

She took special care in getting dressed today. After studying her options in her closet, she chose a pale pink cap sleeved dress with a full skirt.  Her hot pink sweater had beautiful paillettes that shimmied and danced when she moved.

Because the weather was warm, she eschewed stockings.  Instead she wore silver strappy sandals with the slightest bit of heel.  She was glad her mother had given into her relentless begging and painted her toes bright pink last night.

She carried her sparkly silver headband over to the mirror.  Studying her reflection, she smoothed back her hair and placed the headband just right.  A bit of pink lip gloss completed the look.  She twirled and smiled at the girl in the mirror.  It was perfect.

She placed her lip gloss in her purse in case a touch up was needed later.  She added the five dollar bill her mother had given her and her handkerchief.  She always carried a handkerchief because that is what a lady does and she desperately wanted to be a lady.

Satisfied with her preparations and brimming over with excitement, she ran out of her room and down the stairs.  Halfway down, she checked herself.  Ladies do not run willy-nilly, they make an entrance.  She walked down the stairs with as much grace as she could muster.

She found her mother in the kitchen.  “Is it time?  Can I go now?”

Her mother was chopping vegetables for the soup.  She placed the knife on the counter and turned towards her daughter with a smile.  “Yes it’s time.”  Mother reached out and tucked a stray strand of hair behind her ear, “you look lovely.  Do you have the money I gave you?”

She nodded.  “Wonderful. Well off you go.  Enjoy yourself and don’t forget your manners.”

After kissing her mother goodbye, she raced out the door and headed for her bike.  She placed her purse in the basket and headed off.  Down one block, across the park, the excitement growing the closer she came to her destination.

Finally she arrived.  She carefully locked her bike and grabbed her purse.  She skipped through the automatic doors strait to chairs next to the elevator.  As she waited, Mr. and Mrs. Prescott entered.  “Oh my, Earl, will you look at this pretty little lady.”  

“Yes dear, she is a peach.”

She smoothed her dress and smiled.  “Thank you.  Today is a special occasion.” 

“Is it now dear? Do tell.”

“Opal and I are going to high tea!”

“High tea? That is special.”

“Oh yes!  The queen has high tea.  It will be lovely.”

Just then the elevator arrived, bringing Opal in to the lobby.  She gasped when she saw Opal.  Her silver hair was curled just so.  She wore a pale green dress, with a matching embroidered sweater.  Silver heels and a silver clutch completed her look. Opal looked so beautiful, just as if she had stepped out of the pages of a magazine.

Mr. Prescott winked, “such lovely ladies on such a lovely day.  I have half a mind to join you.”

“Oh Earl,” Mrs. Prescott giggled, swatting at him with her pocket book.  “You ladies enjoy your tea.  Say hello to the queen for me.”

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