Thursday, July 16, 2009

Do Clothes Make the Woman?

Or does the woman make the clothes? An age old conundrum that has me running in circles this week.

As I mentioned, I am going to the BlogHer conference next week and I'm kind of obsessing about it. What to do, who to meet, making sure I open my mouth when I meet them, and what is currently bothering me, what to wear.

When I was in the working world, I was confident wearing pretty much anything. I could dress up or dress down depending on my mood. But since I've been at home, comfort (and washability) is the key when getting dressed. In fact I gave away a lot of my "fancy" "dressy" clothes. I didn't need them because I had nowhere to wear them. Until now.

So now I am pulling everything out of my closet and pulling my hair out in the process. I have two vintage sundresses I want to wear during the day - one is hawaiian retro and the other is very 50s. I love them and I feel comfortable in them so they are in. I'll throw in capri pants and tops for the more casual times.

Footwear is a bit easier. Flats and sandals are all that I own so that is what I'm wearing. I'm tall, I don't need the height.

But the parties are killing me. Dress up or dress down? Fancy dresses or jeans and a nice top?

Or maybe I should just plan my wardrobe around the jewelry I'll be wearing. That might be easier.

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  1. I say bring as much as you can fit in your suitcases and then see what you feel like wearing. Do you read Design Mom? She linked to a schedule of all the parties yesterday. I think most of the parties are dress up -- I'm not sure how many I'll get to go to (with you!) but I hope to hit a few - and I'm planning on wearing a dress that isn't too fancy - more retro! I'm so excited!