Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Camp Crafty

First a housekeeping note: Today is the last day to enter the necklace giveaway. The winner will be drawn using Random.org and will be announced sometime tomorrow. Don't forget to leave me a comment for all the ways you've entered.

Now back to our regularly scheduled post:

Because my daughter is too young for camp this summer, I decided to hold our own camp. We would do special activities and crafts to make the summer more fun. For our first craft, we decided to make a butterfly garden for her room.

The butterfly garden will essentially be paper butterflies hung on string from her ceiling. I am hoping to hang them over her bed like a mobile. When her fan blows it will look like the butterflies are flying.

Making the butterflies was so easy, I thought I'd share a little tutorial with you. All you will need is:

Crayons, pencils or paint to decorate the butterflies
Yarn or string

I had Bunny color a picture on the paper to start off with. Because she is three, it was easier for her to do than to color on the butterflies themselves. However, if you want to decorate each butterfly individually you can do that too.

To make the butterfly, you fold the paper and draw a B on one side of the fold. Cut along the B.

And you've made a butterfly shape, easy peasy. If you've decided to decorate each butterfly do so now.

Next fold the butterfly like an accordion. The folds should be tighter in the middle and the edges should be left unfolded.

Then tie a string or yarn around the middle as tight as you like making sure that the edges (or wings) are not folded.

If you are planning on hanging the butterflies, leave one end of the string long enough to hang from the ceiling. If you just want to use them for decoration or play, you can cut both ends short.

That's it. A super easy and super fun project.


  1. I love this idea - and your butterflies are all so pretty! I can't wait until mine is old enough to do fun projects like this!

    See you in FOUR WEEKS!!!!

  2. Great project idea! I so wish my kids had the patience for crafts... I tried to do tissue paper butterflies with them once, but they just played with the tissue and pipe cleaners. Maybe they just need to mature a little...